A/S Services


We provide qualified and experienced Service Engineers to go onboard for repair or inspection of the equipment supplied by CSSC Huahai / TTS Huahai.

Please contact us if you require assistance for immediate troubleshooting or for a regular „health check“ of the equipment.

We offer pre-docking inspections as well. This will make sure that required Services and necessary Spare Parts are available at the dockyard in time and in an efficient and economic way.


Together with our partners at CSSC Huahai Co., Ltd. we offer the full range of conversion services to shipowners as well.

If you are planning an upgrade, modernization or retrofit to equipments of our product range please contact us and we will prepare a detailed project programme for you, including :

  • Design
  • Class Approval
  • Supply of vital parts
  • Commissioning at the shipyard
  • Supply of steel structure (optional)
  • Installation advice and / or turnkey installation (optional)


We offer genuine spare parts for the equipments supplied by CSSC Huahai (formerly TTS Huahai).
As representative of OEM-Supplier we do not compromise on parts origin, quality and reliability!

Please contact us for your requirements.