CSSC Huahai MPV Hatch Cover Product Develops Steadily

In May 2024, the first ship of both Sanfu Shipyard 11,000DWT MPV-project and CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard 32,000DWT MPV-project delivered successfully.
We CSSC Huahai designed and supplied hatch covers for above 2 projects. Meanwhile, new orders have been received as well. We have won design and key component supply contracts for 6+4 shipsets of Sanfu Shipyard 14,000DWT MPV project (the shipowner is Krey from Germany) and 6+2 shipsets of China Merchant Jinling Shipyard 15,000DWT MPV project (the shipowner is DShip from Germany). CSSC Huahai marches steadily in the field of multi-purpose ships hatch cover products.

CSSC Huahai Multi-Folding Hatch Cover
CSSC Huahai MPV Hatch Cover

Sanfu Shipyard 11,000DWT MPV project requires high-standard design capability. A single cargo hold has a length of 104 meters, and the weather deck is equipped with two (2) groups of six (6) hydraulic folding panels at fore & aft and two pontoon type of panels in the middle. These two (2) pontoon type panels also can be pulled or pushed to forward or afterward separately or together by the folding panels. The hatch cover system also meets the requirements of ship’s seagoing at ‘hatchcoverless’ status to adapt the loading requirements of some special cargoes. It is equipped with two (2) layers of tween deck panels in cargo hold, which can be freely placed at any of nine (9) different height position, greatly improving the flexibility of loading different cargoes. Some tween deck panels can be used to build a certain number of horizontal grain bulkheads and transversal bulkhead. The hatch cover system is equipped with remote wireless operation functions as well, which facilitates crew operation.

The shipowner of Sanfu Shipyard 11,000DWT MPV-project is Briese from Germany, one of the world’s leading MPV shipowners. Since receiving the order, CSSC Huahai has arranged experienced personnel, closely communicated with shipowner, thoroughly understood the specific requirements, and finally successfully completed design, demonstrating its world first-class design ability. The service engineers tracked the manufacturing, commissioning & installation of the hatch cover throughout the entire process and ensured that all functions of the hatch system had been efficiently realized. At present, Briese still has 14 shipsets 11,000DWT MPV under construction, and all these hatch cover systems are supplied by CSSC Huahai.

CSSC Huahai MPV Hatch Cover

CSSC Huangpu Wenchong 32,000DWT MPV project is equipped with three (3) groups of four (4) hydraulic folding panels on the weather deck, with a single panel’s weight exceeding 100 tons. The hydraulic arm has been moved to the end position of cargo hold from the traditional side position of cargo hold, releasing more side passage space. The cargo holds is also equipped with one and a half (1.5) layers tween deck hatch covers, which can be placed at three (3) different height positions. Some tween deck hatch covers can also serve as an extension deck of the top deck, which can increase about 14% cargo loading area of the top deck, higher than other similar ships. For the convenience of crew operation, the system is also equipped with remote wireless operation and remote wired operation functions.

CSSC Huahai MPV Hatch Cover

The shipowner of this project is Schoeller Holdings from Cyprus (Charterer : AAL Shipping), also a well-known shipowner in MPV field.

Long-term deep and meticulous cultivation eventually yields fruits. At present, CSSC Huahai has approximately 100 shipsets MPV hatch cover contracts on hand, increasingly winning recognition from more and more shipowners, especially some internationally renowned shipowners. In the future, HUAHAI will live up to customer expectations and provide whole lifecycle services including design, supply, commissioning and installation, and after-sales for various products including MPV hatch covers, thus to build HUAHAI into a renowned independent brand showing higher efficiency and better quality!